What do quilt judges look for?

Have you ever wondered what makes a good quilt judge and what they are looking for? What makes them choose one quilt for a prize, rather than another? How do they balance artistry and workmanship? There is considerably more to quilt judging than; “it’s my favourite colour”.

International quilt judge Judi Kirk will give an insight into how the Quilters Guild train judges, how the judging at Festival of Quilts is organised and what makes quilt judges tick. We will also consider some of the many issues that they must take into account and the most common mistakes made by quilters.

You may never look at competition quilts in the same way again.

I am giving this talk at AQS Virginia Beach in October 2018

What is modern quilting?

Modern quilts are being featured more and more in books, magazine and shows.

So what makes a quilt “Modern” and how does it differ from other quilt styles?

In this talk we will look at:

  1. how modern quilting began,
  2. what makes it different from other quilt styles
  3. and how it is rapidly developing.

We will also consider the current definition of a Modern quilt and what the terms mean. You may find that you have been a modern quilter without knowing it!